October marked the end of the 2015 SAEP ECD Child Protection Programme. The two Pre-Grade R classes from Sunshine Educare and Love and Faith Educare in Philippi East who received the 6-session curriculum during the year were all invited to attend the Umzimba Wam Puppet Show.

The Umzimba Wam Show was performed by Art of Hearts at Love and Faith Educare. The show offered several vignettes that depict different ways in which children might find themselves in an unsafe situation and then shows them how they can respond. The show was interactive and the children even learned a song about protecting their bodies.

After the show, all of the children received their gold star badge for taking part in the child protection programme. There was a total of 39 children in attendance, 1 principal, 2 practitioners, and 2 parents as well as the SAEP ECD team.

The ECD team would like to extend a big thank you to Art of Hearts for putting on such a fantastic performance.