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ECD children explore Newlands Forest

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March 2015 This month, the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme arranged two outings to the Newlands Forest braai area for a total of 100 Pre Grade-R learners. The scenery of a green forest with tall trees and spacious environment proved to be an exciting and new experience for the kids. And so with picnic blankets, [...]

Pupils equipped with computer skills

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Published in Vukani, Thursday 02nd April 2015 OLWETHU MPESHE More than 100 pupils from various schools who completed their first and second year of computer training, organised by the South African Education and Environmental Project(SAEP) and ADT Teach, received their certificates at a ceremony held at Sophumelela High School, in Samora Machel, on Friday March [...]

Our dance students made us proud

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The SAEP dance team again did us proud in the past two weeks. They were performing at two prestigious dance events that were held in Gugulethu and Westlake Tokai respectively on the 24th and the 25th April. The Dance perfomances were arranged by LEAP U.S.A in partnership with some of Cape Town's finest Dance institutions. [...]

Hope Scholar’s tour Robben Island

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On Friday, 8 May 2015, 100 Hope Scholar Programme (HSP) learners from grade 8 and 9 went on a tour of Robben Island.  The purpose of the trip was twofold: to allow the scholars to experience the environment of the island (Robben Island is home to a great variety of seabird species) and to gain [...]

The Young Men’s Right – Essay written by Bridging Year student

By |2016-10-21T08:42:07+00:00July 22nd, 2015|Bridging Year, Impact Centre|

The Young Men's Right                                          by Nosivuyile Gwadiso (SAEP Bridging Year Student 2015)                 Young men in South African townships are not celebrated. One would question why they should be celebrated, after all they are the ones who appear to commit the most crimes. The idea of celebrating [...]

First step at varsity trips up students

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Article Published in The Times View Online 20th May 2015 Written by Shaun Smillie A new centre is being set up to put a halt to the high university dropout rate. The South African National Resource Centre for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition will, for the next three years, be looking [...]

ECD child given the gift of mobility

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Earlier this year, our ECD Programme received a generous donation from former ECD intern, Rebekka Hille. Rebekka, who is from Germany, worked with the ECD Programme for 6 months in 2014. Part of her role included weekly one-on-one support with a 5-year old differently abled child who has severe mobility barriers and developmental delays. The [...]

The South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP) was awarded the funding at a workshop to brainstorm solutions for problems that early childhood development centres face

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App to help parents choose best crèches Published by IOL and Cape Times June 29 2015 at 11:56am By Francesca Villette  Picture: THOMAS HOLDER   Cape Town - An education NGO has been given R10 000 to develop an app which parents could use to grade crèches.   The SA Education and Environment Project (SAEP) [...]

Don’t rape and kill – Essay by grade 9 Hope Scholar

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Essay written by Lindokuhle Zuziwe Grade 9 - SAEP Hope Scholar Raping and killing our children and women does not pay instead it kills and is destroying our nation. The reason why I'm saying so it is because some people when they rape they don't feel embarrassed instead they feel good. They feel good because they [...]

SAEP Visual Arts learners design and create a mural for Masikhulisane in Samora Machel

By |2015-07-22T09:45:21+00:00July 22nd, 2015|Arts, Cross Cutting, High School|

In May 2015 the SAEP Visual Arts students were approached by Save the Children Fund Cape to design and produce a mural for Masikhulisane Day and Aftercare Center in Samora Machel. Nine SAEP Visual Arts learners took part in the exercise. The work took place over the June holidays and was part of the SAEP [...]

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