We are guided by our Board of Directors from diverse professional backgrounds who serve in their volunteer capacity and each passionate of helping SAEP achieve its vision of providing better education opportunities for our beneficiaries.

The board is in-charge of the general governance & oversight and has the fiduciary responsibility to drive the organisation towards a sustainable future by adapting sound ethical framework and financial management policies.  

The board approves our annual budget and confirms the corresponding targets and objectives for the organisation every year. These targets are evaluated periodically during our financial year. To this end the board has signed the Independent Code of Good Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa. The code lays out a set of principles, values and responsibilities to guide and inform the way in which NPOs are managed and conduct their affairs.

The board is made up of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and general members. The board has sub-committees for Finance, Fundraising & Sustainability, and Human Resources. 

Isabel Essen
Isabel EssenChairperson
Isabel is our current chairperson, and has been a member of the board since 2011. She earned her Master’s in Education, Business Economics and German Literature/Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She has a great interest in the African continent and development work. Isabel is passionate about early childhood development which connected her with SAEP. Isabel was our ECD Programme Manager from 2007-2011.

Isabel also works as an independent consultant for organisational management and development, database development and fundraising and sustainability. Her other passion is yoga and runs Yoga & Acrobatics in Cape Town.

Mogie Dass
Mogie DassVice Chairperson
Mogie is an educator by profession. She has a degree in Education B. Paed Arts from the University of Durban-Westville KwaZulu Natal. She moved to Cape Town in 1989 and taught at Cravenby Secondary School and then at Plumstead High School where she served as Deputy Principal.

Mogie also holds a B.Ed Honours in Education, a Diploma in Management in Education, and an Advanced Certificate in Education. Her compassion leads her to serve the community in various ways. She was a member of the Board of the Temple and is involved with the Vadhini Indian Arts Academy, currently as Operations Manager.

Mogie has recently retired after being an educator for 37 years. However, her passion towards education remains undiminished. She joined the board in June 2016.

Gina Leinberger
Gina LeinbergerSecretary
Gina is an architect by profession, with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cape Town. After collecting and delivering donations for one of SAEP’s educare centres in 2007, Gina realised the overwhelming need for quality education in the Philippi community. Since then, she has never stopped assisting SAEP programmes in as many valuable ways one could ever think of.

Drawing from her area of expertise, Gina assists in assessing the infrastructure safety of select educare centres that our ECD Programmes work with. She specially helps with drawing up building plans and connecting the team to a network of professional builders and service providers in order for the projects to meet basic building standards.

Gina has been a board member since 2013. She currently serves as the Secretary to the Board.

Nicola Lloyd
Nicola LloydTreasurer
Nicola joined the Board in 2018 and is the current Treasurer. Nicola qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 and has worked in various finance roles for multi-national companies, both in South Africa and in the UK.

Nicola’s finance background and extensive experience enables her to provide valuable insight on the organisation’s financial health & management.

Nicola is married with two children and lives in Newlands. She loves running around the beautiful Cape Town mountains near her home.

Dr Gemma Oberth
Dr Gemma OberthMember
Gemma is an independent consultant working with international organizations such as UNAIDS and The International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Gemma holds a PhD in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town (2013) for a thesis which developed a new way of measuring HIV/AIDS governance in Southern Africa.

Gemma’s connection with SAEP began when she volunteered in 2009-2010 assisting with institutional development and fundraising department. She was also a student mentor for our Tertiary Support Programme.

Gemma is passionate about health, human rights and education. As with all our other board members, Gemma remains committed towards supporting SAEP’s vision. She proactively helps SAEP through fundraising and rallies her friends, family and network far and near to do the same.

Helena Duk
Helena DukMember
A small town girl with a huge heart, Helena obtained a degree in BSc from University of Pretoria, and holds an AIM Certificate from UCT Graduate School of Business. Helena has been involved in the non-profit sector for at least 20 years and has worked with numerous non-profit projects across the Western Cape in various capacities. Helena serves the Board of the JDI Foundation Trust.

Passionate about education, Helena has been a dedicated ambassador, angel and a staunch supporter of SAEP since 2004. Helena has served the SAEP Board in various positions. She continues to tirelessly support our fundraising campaigns, and promotes SAEP among her network.

Helena has worked and travelled in Europe and worked in the corporate sector for 10 years, before becoming a doting mother to her three children.

Kayin Scholtz
Kayin ScholtzMember
Kayin has been working at Education focused non-profit organisations for the past seven years, with a focus on monitoring and evaluation and systems development. He is currently the M&E Specialist at the Nal’ibali Trust. He previously worked at SAEP as Impact Centre Manager and helped strengthen our monitoring & evaluation structure as well as develop the Impact Centre Consulting to serve a network of non-profit clients.

Kayin is currently on the organising committee for the Education Fishtank which organises education focused seminars to various stakeholdes. He has a strong interest in education, the economy and how we structure organizations to promote iterative development.

Kayin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Honors Degree in Policy and Management from UCT.

SAEP and the Independent Code of Governance

SAEP’s npocodelogobigBoard of Directors and staff have signed the Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profits in South Africa. The Code lays out a set of principles, values and responsibilities to guide and inform the way in which non-profit organisations are managed and conduct their affairs. In 2014 we renewed our ongoing commitment to sound and ethical governance and management.

To find out more about the code, please visit http://www.governance.org.za/the-independent-code/