ADT Teach and SAEP Matric News

The ADT Teach matric class of 2014 has exited the programme and as their results came to light an interesting picture has emerged. While the national Matric pass rate was 75.8%, the ADT Teach (both Johannesburg and Cape Town combined) Matric pass rate was 84%. However, our Bachelor pass rate outshines further – The national Bachelor pass rate was 28.3%, and the ADT Teach bachelor pass rate was 51%!

The Bachelor pass mark is the mark that qualifies students for admission to university. Our hope is to see many of the Bachelor passes get into university, and we are following up with the students to see how their applications have fared. By now, universities are beginning formal classes, but students are still trying to get into courses.

An SAEP staff member has been contacting all the 2014 matric students to find out what they are doing. Currently only 8 students are still out of contact.  We will have a good picture of what they are doing post-matric and post ADT Teach within the next few weeks. ADT learnerships are also on our agenda, and a list of eligible students will be passed on in due course. We will be looking for students who are not studying or employed, among the 84% of those who passed matric.

The year ahead presents us with new opportunities and interesting challenges. The success of the programme continues with the partnership between ADT, SAEP and our partner schools. Our hope is to continue to continue to develop this. Thank you to the ADT line managers who have oversight of ADT Teach, for your ongoing support and encouragement. Thanks to all ADT employees who have shown such interest in the programme during 2014. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.