Our Bridging Year and Tertiary Support programmes were featured recently on Bush Radio.  SAEP alumni now tertiary success programme coordinator Nosisa Mhlati explained to the audience the importance of providing extended support to students in order for them to succeed at tertiary level. 

Students from under-resourced schools don’t have the same level of competence in navigating tasks that require research and referencing skills, critical thinking, computer and digital literacy and other 21st century skills, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to students from well-performing schools. Therefore, our SAEP Bridging Year programme provides training, workshops, lessons, experiential learning, and psycho-social support to gear them up for university life. We also partner with CPUT’s Second Chance programme for the students’ academic marks improvement.

Avalon Igawa, a US volunteer who is our tertiary support student lead, manages the tertiary support mentorship programme that pairs each of our tertiary students with professional mentors for guidance, encouragement and motivation in order for the students to be on track in completing their degree. 

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