SAEP ECD Centres equipped with the Unlimited Child Learning Programme to improve early learning and teaching experiences in the class.

The objective of the SAEP Child Centred Development Support Programme is to provide vulnerable children from disadvantaged Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD’S) in the Philippi East community with quality inclusive early learning opportunities to progress optimally according to their individual developmental milestones and needs. SAEP has previously worked with 8 centres, offering them our holistic training and mentorship programme. This year we have taken on another 42 centres bringing our total up to 50.

Unlimited Child recently held a week long training for the 42 new centres SAEP has taken on, in which the principals received the ‘toolkits’ which included lesson plans and educational resources.

SAEP partnership with Unlimited Child provides a “rapid impact” model which would result in immediate change in centres operating in disadvantaged communities.  The programme is linked to toy kits, while each item in the kits is chosen with the final outcome linked to operational norms and standards for ECD Programmes in mind.  The programme is easy to follow, so even the most inexperienced practitioner can use it, and it is designed to allow the educator to work at their own pace and at a level appropriate for their young learners.  The practitioners are also provided with step by step guidelines on how to use and manipulate games and how to reinforce concepts. This is especially important because young learners learn more effectively through play.

Now that the centres are equipped with the necessary tools needed for the classroom, SAEP can begin the journey of monthly quality follow-up mentorship and support to ensure that the children’s lives are positively “touched” through this intervention.