March 2015

This month, the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme arranged two outings to the Newlands Forest braai area for a total of 100 Pre Grade-R learners. The scenery of a green forest with tall trees and spacious environment proved to be an exciting and new experience for the kids. And so with picnic blankets, outdoor toys and lunchboxes in hand, the kids were picked up by bus from their educares and dropped off in the remote forest of Newlands.

Upon arrival the excited children were given hula-hoops to play with, by either attempting to spin them around their waist or roll them down a hill, in order for them to expend some energy after the long bus ride. Subsequently they were treated to a story about how trees grow from small acorns into an enormous size as well as how the animals and plants of the forest are helping each other in the circle of life.

They were then given a small glass container and told to go and collect a sample of three different things from the forest. Children and teachers alike went exploring to find three different things that caught their interest. At the end of the activity the children had collected a bunch of tiny souvenirs, which would now go back to be displayed in the educares.

The children were provided with sandwiches and snacks from Maphindi’s Butchery for lunch. A special thanks to the KLM Wings of Support foundation whose generosity made this outing a possibility, as well as to the Table Mountain National Park’s Environmental Education and Outreach Programme for providing an entrance discount.

Outings like this make learning fun!