With Love

Love conquers all obstacles,

It’s the main source of willing power, it keeps you going.

What’s causing all the detours on one’s path,

How one lose faith and obtain anger as replacement.

How could Human kind be deducted in such manner.

“The emptiness cannot even be filled by Human love”

It’s because of responsibilities –

That keeps you going in Life.


“Lord, Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on all Nature”

If the Creator of Heaven and Earth is within us

Or with us, then why all these happenings.

The anger within myself causes me to withdraw –

Into my own empty shell.


Why are other families destroyed of AIDS

Sometimes you need space or peace in mind and heart.

Sometimes it affects those who love you most,

It is therefore when one needs support.

People to judge you for whom you are –

And not what you are.


Love, Faith, Forgiveness, Caring, Sharing and Trust,

Is the pillar in times of obstacles hopefully…

Things will by his love fall back together again.