Home Visits are conducted for all new Grade 8 learners, giving Hope Scholars programme (HSP)  staff  the opportunity to further understand the learners’ social, academic and health backgrounds and their living conditions by visiting the learners’ homes and talking to a parent/primary caregiver.

Many of our learners live in densely clustered informal settlements and some do not live with their biological parents. The learners and their families are vulnerable to hardship, violence and environmental hazards from overcrowding on poorly-serviced and often unsuitable sites. Grade 9 learners receive a home visit when the need arises (e.g. change in the learners behaviour, the learners asks for an intervention or the learner moves house).

Feedback from HSP learner’s parents about home visits is positive:
“I like the home visits of SAEP, because the make (me) sure that this programme is serious. My child started this programme last year (2014) in grade 8, (at) the time we were staying in Samora, but now we are staying in Khayelitsha, they also do a home visit.”

“Thanks for coming at (to) my home. Now I know that I have family who can help by (with) everything.”

“Thank you SAEP. I say to continue with other children and do the same. I wish I can enter each and every child’s heart, so they may see the importance of what you are doing, because ever since my child joined I can see the difference.”

The HSP team prides itself in creating atmospheres in the classes which are non-threatening and conducive to learning. The HSP team believes in creating environments in the sessions which do not stress, intimidate or sadden the learners, and where the learners feel comfortable, motivated and excited, as these latter emotions are far more likely to facilitate learning to take place. “Sadly, learners are not always afforded these healthy learning environments at home or at school, and this illustrates another crucial way our  psycho – social interventions have a meaningful impact” says Tara Appalaraju, HSP Manager.