On Friday, 8 May 2015, 100 Hope Scholar Programme (HSP) learners from grade 8 and 9 went on a tour of Robben Island.  The purpose of the trip was twofold: to allow the scholars to experience the environment of the island (Robben Island is home to a great variety of seabird species) and to gain a hands on experience of an important part South African history, through a tour of the prison.

For many students this was their first trip to the island and most of them experienced their first boat ride.  The students excitedly boarded the Robben Island Museum buses upon arriving on the island and started noting down all of the wildlife that they saw.  Excitement changed to awe as the group moved from the buses and into the prison.  The students could barely contain their eagerness as we approached the highlight of the tour – seeing president Nelson Mandela’s cell.  Many of the students photographed the cell as a souvenir for both themselves and their families.

Thank you Robben Island for making this possible.