What an exciting year it’s been! We have seen significant positive outcomes across all our programmes, culminating in year-end graduation and celebration events with our beneficiaries. We are proud to share this year’s highlights with you as 2018 comes to a close.

From all of us at SAEP, we would like to extend our immense gratitude to our supporters, partners and funders. Without you, our work would not be possible. Thank you!


Early childhood Development programme

2018 has been a busy year for our ECD programme.

We audited a total of 132 centres over two years, 91 of which were this year. Twelve centres this year were successfully registered.

Our team spent over 400 man-hours engaging with the centres in various meetings, and training & mentoring sessions. With the full support of our partner, The Unlimited Child,  42 centres in Philippi received age-appropriate toolkits and were trained and mentored by our team on its application to guide the ECD practitioners. 

The ECD parenting programme continue to be popular and has grown with 44 centres having been reached this year. A better parenting approach means better development for the little ones.  2018 saw a new partnership between SAEP and Rise Against Hunger providing fortified food parcels to our centre beneficiaries. This has been a blessing to the principals by lifting financial strain on the centres and allowed them to use that money on other important costs, such as teachers’ salaries.

2019 marks the start our next 3-year strategic plan. The plan has earmarked 50 centres each year over the next three years to be a part of our intensive holistic programme. The programme focus will include

  • Centre leadership and management training
  • Health & safety training and mentoring
  • Learning programme training and mentoring
  • Parenting Programme training and mentoring
  • Personal development training and mentoring

We also hope to continue our partnership with key partners The Unlimited Child, and with DSD on centre registrations during the period.


Siyakhathala Primary programme

Siyakhathala “We care” Primary Programme (SPP) provides an afterschool ‘learning gym’ for grades 3 & 4 learners in Siyazakha Primary School in Philippi. We had a total of 115 enthusiastic learners over both grades this year where the students achieved an excellent average attendance rate of no lower than 81%, which was a great indicator to the SPP team that the programme is not only educational, but also enjoyable for the learners to attend. 

In an evaluation using the externally validated baseline and endline ‘Early Grade Reading Assessment’ tests (administered in the learner’s home language isiXhosa) developed by Elizabeth Pretorius, a researcher from the University of Pretoria, our learners’ results improved significantly in comparison to their non-SPP peers, by most notably a 9% improvement in Oral Reading Fluency, the bridge to reading comprehension.

Besides academic achievement the learners had some wonderful experiences with various excursions during the year, including hands-on experience with some sea creatures with the Two Oceans Aquarium, a puppet show about the water cycle, and even got to meet a real live Cheetah at the Cheetah Outreach centre.

The programme will follow through its current Grade 3 learners into next year to nurture this progressing effect on their learning.

Clearly the success of the SP programme has made a big impact on the lives of the students at Siyazakha primary. To further spread the impact we could give to the school’s foundation phase, plans are being considered to launch a parallel programme in 2019  that will involve training for the Grades 3 & 4 teachers at the school on our methodologies so that not only a small fraction would benefit from our impact but all the students in both grades. We also hope to elicit greater support out of this plan in order that we will be able to not only roll out this new initiative but even make it more robust. You will hear from us soon regarding this, so watch this space.

We are particularly proud of the overall results of what our Siyakhathala Programme achieved this year despite limited resources that has been allocated to them in terms of budget. Hurray!


Hope Scholars programme

Over 300 Maths, English Literacy & Natural Science tutoring sessions took place in 2018 at our three partner schools in Philippi – Intsebenziwsano, Sophmelela and Zisukhanyo high schools where we offered after school lessons in these critical subjects in order to better the learners’ overall results. Our Hope Scholars Programme (HSP) reached 326 learners this year.

Looking at our base-line and end-line assessments, Hope Scholars students outperformed the control group in Grade 9 maths, and Grade 8 natural science. Many of our learners were recipients of academic awards. Two students Nolizwi and Aphele, won ‘Maths top achievers’ and were also recipients of school bursaries. Another student, Awodwa, won ‘Natural Science top achiever’. Four of our beneficiaries were accepted to join LEAP Maths and Science School that provide academic interventions for high school learners.

In conjunction with the academic tutoring HSP also covered some important topics in several life skills sessions such as peer pressure, equal rights, environmental awareness, substance abuse, and many more. These lessons provide a platform to start a dialogue with learners who face many social problems like these on a daily basis.

The HS programme hosted three school holiday camps this year which was a great opportunity for some interactive learning for our beneficiaries. During the week long holidays the students experienced a variety of excursions and learnt about South African history at The Castle of Good Hope, and put some of their science learning into practice at the beach. They also visited the South African Broadcasting Corporation where learners were equipped with knowledge about careers in the media industry, along with some general career guidance. For environmental awareness, the learners went on three hikes during the year focusing on appreciation and respect for the natural environmental.



Bridging Year programme

2018 saw our largest group ever with 67 successful Bridging Year graduates! 15 of these students have received early acceptance into tertiary studies, and we will continue to see that number grow over the next few months.

The BY beneficiaries received a total of 445 hours of Academic Literacy, Computer Literacy, Critical Thinking, Careers Guidance and Psycho-Social Support classes throughout the year.

They attended six hikes, visited the Iziko Slave Lodge, Robben Island, Baxter Theatre and a tour of Cape Town as part of their educational excursions.

The BY students participated in the programme’s community service that allowed them to have some form of real work experience plus the opportunity to give back to the community. Each student is required a minimum of 25 hours of service but most of them greatly exceeded this requirement. But the star of the year is Lundi Mkhosi, earning a total of 141 hours working with the Mustadafin Foundation!

Paying it forward is something we would like our beneficiaries to foster, and hopefully they will remember this great gesture as they succeed in life.


Tertiary Support programme

The Tertiary Support Programme (TSP) team is happy to report that we are expecting 20 tertiary beneficiaries to graduate this year. Our biggest group of graduates yet! The team spent a considerable amount of effort in terms of providing these students support and one-on-one mentorship so the students could successfully complete their students leading to graduation. Despite their busy student schedule, our TSP beneficiaries had 6 hikes, and community service projects during the year.

Thanks to the support of our donors we have been able to help our students out with some of their financial needs. We were able to provide 2 pairs of spectacles, 3 laptops, textbooks, nurse’s uniform, lab equipment, as well as covering some printing and transport costs.

Going forward in 2019 we hope to spend more time focusing on our mentorship programme, especially with the first year students. We have seen great success in the past from a strong mentee/mentor relationship, and we’d like to grow this programme in order to offer our beneficiaries the best chance at success. If you are personally interested in mentoring or would like to sign your company up for the programme please contact the team at tsp@saep.org for more details.