The SAEP dance team again did us proud in the past two weeks. They were performing at two prestigious dance events that were held in Gugulethu and Westlake Tokai respectively on the 24th and the 25th April. The Dance perfomances were arranged by LEAP U.S.A in partnership with some of Cape Town’s finest Dance institutions.

In partnership with Dance for All (Cape Town) Zama Dance School, (based in Gugulethu ) LEAP, (Khayelitsha) Cape Academy for Performing Arts ( CAPA )and SAEP Two Dance performances were held held at Zama Dance School in Gugulethu on the 24th April followed by another performance at CAPA dance studios in Westlake Tokai on the 25th April 2015. The LEAP U.S.A team of six dance professionals from various universities and dance institutions in the United States had come to Cape Town on the first week of April to train the above mentioned Cape Town based institutions over a period of two weeks. This training culminated in the two performances at Gugulethu and Westlake. Both performances included our very own SAEP dancers who did us proud. The LEAP team was very proud and they showed plenty of gratitude to SAEP for allowing them to work with our learners over the two weeks and the quality of performance they presented at the events.


They also added that they are looking forward to work with SAEP again next year. Thank you to all involved.