On Saturday 17th October 60 learners from our Siyakhathala Primary Schools programme and their Learning Gym Coaches walked across the wooden footbridge onto Cape Town’s only man-made wetlands, Intaka Island at Century City. The island covers an area the size of 16 Rugby Fields and does the amazing job of filtering and cleaning the water from all of the canals around Century City! 

We all had a brilliant morning hearing about the construction of the wetlands, their uses and what habitats it provides – 120 species of bird alone, not to mention the many, many plants and insects and even small buck! We went for a nature walk and viewed some of the birds and learnt about medicinal uses of the plants as well as how we all made a donation to Intaka Island when we went to the loo, through their composting project!!

The highlight for most of us was the boat ride along the canals on which we spotted herons and cranes as well as moorhens nesting with their babies. Thank you to Environ for sponsoring the trip.