On Saturday 15th August, a group of 55 Siyazakha Primary Learning Gym learners with their Coaches set off on an outing to Giraffe House in Stellenbosch. The buzz of excitement that had been around all week grew to a peak as the bus drew off from the school on time! The weather looked grim, but luck was on our side and the rain held off for long enough to attend the outdoor animal show. It’s hard to say which was the scariest or ugliest animal we were introduced to, but one by one the learners (and their coaches!) overcame their initial fears and handled snakes, bull frogs, bearded dragon lizards and even tarantulas! It was the perfect start to a day of new animal encounters.

As we all set off on our tour of the larger animals in the park, the rain set in. But this didn’t stop us enjoying meeting everything from zebra to blue cranes, giraffe to warthogs! This time we couldn’t actually handle them…but faced with a Nile crocodile maybe that was just as well.

 The learners and coaches both grew in confidence and thoroughly enjoyed their first outing together as well as learning some fascinating facts about the animals and their conservation.