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ADT Teach is an information and communications technology (ICT) computer literacy programme, developed in partnership between ADT (A Tyco Business) and SAEP, as ADT’s largest Corporate Social Investment project.

Established in 2009, the programme addresses the widening gap between the need for ICT skills in the workplace and the lack of ICT skills development within schools.

  • Mobile computer labs and tutors train grade 10 – 12 learners in six schools to use computers effectively
  • Three years of accredited computer literacy training
  • Winter schools, training in presentation skills and career guidance

How to help

The ADT Teach programme is fully funded by ADT and implemented and managed by SAEP.

You can help our ADT Teach learners by creating job shadowing and/ or internship opportunities in organisations that have an ICT focus

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Highlights and Outcomes from 2015

Icon ECD Teacher6 schools engaged

Icon ADT Student414 learner participants

Icon Community People197 workshops held

Highlights and Outcomes from 2014

Icon ADT Computer  75 learners completed our 3 year MICT SETA accredited course

Icon ADT Student

467 participants in 6 schools

Icon ADT tutor

245 workshop sessions

We have 420 learners on the ADT Teach programme in 2015

181 Grade 10

142 Grade 11

97 Grade 12

Training is provided in Cape Town and Johannesburg

ADT Teach computer education programme was awarded the Tyco International Security Solutions President’s Award,  (2011) for the programmes innovative education model


“I was part of the ADT teach programme for 3 years at Allanridge Secondary School. Currently I am at the University of Pretoria, Studying BSc in Education and I recently applied to be an IT tutor for 2015. We were asked to write a competence test, and through the computer literacy skills that I gained from ADT teach programme, I was able to achieve 83%. I am very grateful and want to say thank you for the opportunity ADT teach provided.
Brenda Ndebele, ADT Teach Graduate
Recently we had a presentation for communication module. I was happy that I actually felt that had more information about presentation skills than other students, thanks to ADT Teach, who taught us how to do a better presentation in front of an audience
Tembani Mnyapa, ADT Teach Graduate
ADT taught me how to research on internet using the computer or any other device… I learn’t to save time and money when using internet.I am super excited now that I can create slides on the computer and I can also type faster… not forgetting the career guides they gave me, ADT made me realise the importance of knowing about my career at an early stage.
Tabitha Xego, Grade 11 ADT Teach Learner


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