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The following themes cut across all or most of SAEP’s programmes:

Career guidance – providing support and information to assist programme participants to make the most appropriate subject, course and career choices.

Psycho-social support – providing social work and psycho-social support services for beneficiaries and their families as situations require to enable them to overcome the personal and social obstacles they face.

Non-academic skills – facilitating the development of soft skills that beneficiaries can use to make good academic and life decisions, including critical thinking.

Child protection –promoting and strengthening child protection best practices.

Information and communication technology – progressively incorporating ICT resources and methodologies into programmes in order to bridge the digital divide.

Environmental awareness – ensuring that environmental awareness and sustainability features in programmes’ activities and content.

Mentoring – linking beneficiaries with mentors so they may receive additional support, insight and guidance.

Empowering women and girls – identifying the obstacles to equality and personal success that women and girls face, and ensuring that our services address those challenges.

How to help

  • Mentor a student
  • Create job shadowing and/ or internship opportunities
  • Fund a student’s stipend

Impact and Outcomes

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84% of our Tertiary Support Programme students enrolled in higher education have graduated or are on track to graduate.

Current students are pursuing various degrees including Business Communications, Social Work, Sports Management, Operations Management, Law, Marketing, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Town Planning at various tertiary institutions including the University of Cape Town, Rhodes University, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the University of South Africa and the University of the Western Cape.

Previous students have earned degrees in Chemical Engineering, Human Resources, Languages, Retail Business Management Sports Management, Building, Public Administration, Accounting and Anthropology.


My first year at university was very tough, I was not able to adapt to the new environment that I was in but through the support of the TSP staff and the workshops which take place I was able to cope. I gained valuable experience as to how to cope in university and as a result of that I passed my first year.
Yamkele Marman , 3rd Year B. Economic Development student at University Western Cape
Being a part of TSP in 2014 has been a privilege for me because it has given me the opportunity to grow through the wonderful opportunities offered by the programme, the assistance from the programme has helped me resolve many issues such as my accommodation for the year and I have had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know my fellow TSP members and being able to interact with them and discuss issues that affect us as students.
Asiphe Funda , 2nd year LLB Law student at the University of the Western Cape
Growing up I never had a bank account or bank card of my own because I had no one to expect money from e.g. monthly allowance. When I came e to SAEP I got so much help financially, emotional, physically and academical. In my school says I never had a social worker, someone that I can talk to about my feeling an my problems but SAEP provide all that for me.
Sihle Jacob, 1st year LLB LAW University of South Africa
..TSP programme is one of the things that I am grateful for. Truly speaking, the stipend is very helpful. As I live off campus, I am able to buy myself a monthly train ticket, save some for lunch or at times buy myself an item to wear
Zubenathi Ntantiso , 2nd year National Diploma Analytical Chemistry Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Would love to thank SAEP for the great mentor you found for me Michael who is a great inspiration to me and my funders who are paying for my accommodation and stipend, You are really making a huge difference in my life. Now I can afford basic things that a human being can’t live without and it’s all because of you. THANKS TO YOU ALL
Athenkosi Mzilikazi, B.Com Finance, 2nd year, University of The Western Cape
TSP and entire SAEP are doing fantastic job, I really can’t imagine my life without you guys. I am more than grateful to have friends like you in my life, you adding meaning to my life. I can walk with my head high now, because of the confidence you gave me. Big up to everybody.
Xolelwa Honey Nkohla, Nkohla, Bsc Maths and Statistics, 3rd year, University of the Western Cape
I appreciate all the support that SAEP has given me, as they are the only ones who are giving me support this moment. I appreciate they support and care towards they students and I would like to be part of such an organisation one day when I am a qualified social worker so.
Nande Yola, B.Social Work,2nd year, Stellenbosch University
This year I will be doing my final year in Bachelor of Science (majoring in Geology& Chemistry  /Microbiology) at Rhodes University. And for such achievement credit can be given to God and SAEP for their support since 2012 until now. SAEP did not only play an active role in my career, but was also involved socially and personally and that was of great benefit because all these life aspects affect ones career one way or another.
Sinazo Bunu, 3rd Year Bachelor of Science, Rhodes University


SAEP continued making a difference in 2016!

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