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Our Hope Scholars programme works with Grade 8 and 9 learners to identify and close educational gaps in key subjects so that they can excel in later grades.  

South African learners are under-performing significantly in mathematics, science and English literacy (subject tests are administered in English), which are vital subjects if learners are to pursue further studies and embark on successful careers in those fields. Our own experience working in Philippi high schools has shown that learners are drastically under-equipped for grades 10-12. 

Our Hope Scholars

  • Are equipped with the academic and non-academic skills needed to thrive in grades 10-12 and achieve strong academic results, compared to their peers
  • Are actively engaged in their schools and in their communities through leadership development activities
  • Show continued environmental responsibility
  • Go on to be a part of other academic support programmes in the FET phase

How to help

Icon how to help  Donate stationery including pens, pencils, maths sets and books


Highlights and Outcomes from 2016

Icon TSP Group

140 learners in Grade 8-9

Icon community talk75 home visits








A new group of 80 grade 8 learners from two Philippi high schools joins the Hope Scholars programme annually, most of whom continue with the programme in grade 9 the following year. We take them through a two year process of academic development and personal growth, while also providing them and their families with psycho-social support.

Our full programme includes:

  • Intensive academic and enrichment camps during school holidays
  • Academic and career guidance, particularly for grade 9s choosing their grade 10 subjects
  • Social work, counselling and psycho-social support (including their families, where required)
  • Home visits, meetings with parents and linking families to existing systems of community support
  • Outings and excursions that expose learners to careers in maths and the sciences
  • Environmental education integration in lessons and through outings, excursions and hikes
  • Exposure to computers and computer literacy skills


The tutors are very kind and helpful. They helped us in many things. They taught us how to live and love others. They prepare many things for us. Most of the time the tutors play an important role to us. we are like a family because of them. They are a good inspiration to us. They are the love of my life. The reason I improved is them.
Onazo Ngqiyana, Hope Scholar Learner
I feel motivated and excited, because I know that when I attend SAEP I get to understand what I couldn’t understand in the school class and I get to learn new things.
Hope Scholar Grade 8 Learner
I really appreciate my tutors because they help me, especially in Maths. I was not interested, but now I see the difference because of them. I wish they could do that again and again. I learn a lot from the tutors about this subject.
The tutors explain very well and make examples so that you can have the picture of something they talk about, also that you can understand what they are trying to say
Hope Scholar Grade 8 Learner
They make sure that everyone in the class participate and we often have some fun activities learning Science
Hope Scholar Grade 8 Learner
I think the tutors are doing a nice job, because they are well organised and they know what they are doing and I love them.
Hope Scholar Grade 8 Learner
It was very nice being at the camp, may the Lord bless the work that is being done by SAEP tutors
Hope Scholar Grade 9 Learner
My tutors are doing very well and I pass English because the explain very clearly. My English tutor has love and care for learners
Hope Scholar Grade 8 Learner


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