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The Impact Centre is SAEP’s innovative ‘think-and-do’ tank, which seeks to improve the quality of education for young people in under-resourced areas of South Africa. 

We strive to become a catalyst for change, both in the organisation, and the broader education sector by:

  • Conducting cutting-edge research
  • Monitoring and evaluating in-house programmes
  • Developing and sharing our resources internally and with interested stakeholders

Impact Centre ResearchResearch – we recruit, host and support researchers to assess the impact of SAEP’s programmes and to explore the complex educational landscape in which we work. The knowledge we generate helps us to strengthen our programmes and to develop best practice methods, which we share with other stakeholders and interested parties.

Icon Impact Centre M&EMonitoring and Evaluation (M&E) – we work with programme staff to develop comprehensive frameworks, timelines, evaluations, and reports, which help us to assess and analyze the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of our programs. We then use these findings to ensure our interventions continue to deliver excellence to the community.

Icon Impact Centre PilotPilot Projects – we foster and help launch new projects that address community like our Primary School Project. Designed to help Grade 3 and 4 learners develop confidence and resilience by strengthening their first language reading comprehension skills, the Primary School Project helps empower and encourage both parents and students.

Icon Impact Centre Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management – we develop, collect, and manage resources that are relevant to the work our programs do, and share them among staff as well as with others in the education sector.

Highlights and Outcomes from 2016

magnifier40Launched SAEP’s consulting arm

Icon Hope Books

16 education media updates

Icon TSP Mentor9 staff dialogues


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