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Siyakhathala Primary Programme works with primary schools to help them nurture learners who can engage in the education system with confidence and parents who are involved in the learning process of their children and can enact their rights and responsibilities within the school community. The programme includes:

  • After school literacy support to 120 grade 3 and 4 learners
  • Psycho-social support for learners
  • Monthly conversations with parents, encouraging parental involvement

In addition to working with learners and parents, we work with the schools to increase their capacity to coordinate the involvement of other service providers so that they provide targeted and appropriate support based on learners’ needs to feel that they are part of a safe and supporting school community.

How to help

Your monetary donations to our Siyakhathala Primary School Programme could help in the following ways:

  • R200 1 weeks healthy snacks for learners
  • R500 learning gym stationery for 6 months
  • R2 600 transport for an educational outing
  • R6 000 Grade 4 new reading material for 2017

Highlights and Outcomes from 2016

boy24114 Grade 3 and 4 Learning Gym participants

Icon TSP Group

35 Grade 7 social work group participants

Icon community talk35 parents and care givers



I enjoy how you encourage us and the learners to participate always, as it boosts our confidence and theirs as learners
Bridging Year Volunteer, Learning Gym Coach
I am grateful for being part of this so that I can give back to the community
Bridging Year Volunteer, Learning Gym Coach
The skills I am learning to use could help especially if you want to do teaching at Varsity
Bridging Year Volunteer, Learning Gym Coach
I learned how to help the young minds, but I also benefited myself and obtained a different, new skill
Bridging Year Volunteer, Learning Gym Coach
It will be excellent for the learners to have learning role models and we, the role models, will develop better skills also
Bridging Year Volunteer, Learning Gym Coach

We aim to support learners in literacy and life-long learning

In our Siyakhathala Primary School Project’s afterschool club, the Learning Gym, we aim to support the learners in literacy and lifelong learning. Our cohort are chosen across four grade 3 classes at Siyazakha Primary. By conducting the Learning Gym in this year group (the year prior to the transition to English as the language of learning) we hope to raise literacy levels in the home language (in this case isiXhosa) as research shows that taking on a second language is then boosted.

In our programme we 

  • concentrate on literacy by holding Reading groups within each session as well as some Free Choice Reading.  We include a vibrant story time each week as well, because there is little better than being read to!
  • are developing learning habits in our learners which will equip them to succeed as resourceful, reflective and resilient learners.
  • use our circle time activities as an opportunity to develop the learners’ emotional vocabulary and give them useful ways to deal with social and emotional aspects of their lives in a positive way.


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