The whole SAEP family has been in shock over the past week after hearing about one of our most well-known and much loved students, Sandiso Ndinisa’s death last weekend. Sandiso was a bridging year student in 2010 and went on to study sports management and then marketing. Since then he has spent a great deal of time in our offices, studying, helping out and befriending staff and students. We are deeply saddened that someone with so much potential, who was making his way in the world against all odds, was cut down just as he was beginning to provide for his family.

Sandiso’s mentor and friend of many years, Ryan Bluett, shared the following on his Facebook page. A memorial is to be held in Guguletu on Wednesday afternoon at 5pm. We are making a collection to assist the family with the funeral costs and hope to start a fund for other tertiary students in Sandiso’s memory.

From Ryan…
Sandiso Ndinisa… I’ve met many inspirational people along my journey, but very few have left an impression on me such as this young man. I started working with Sandiso in 2011 in what started out as a mentorship role. The role was to assist him through tertiary education after he obtained his matric after not achieving this in his formal school years.

It was his dream to achieve a tertiary education, looking past the perceived shortcoming of not having a matric under his belt. Sandiso enrolled in a bridging program at an NGO called SAEP and got his matric. My role with Sandiso quickly became irrelevant as we grew to become good friends and it became clear to me there was so much I was learning from this young man.

Sandiso would later graduate with 2 tertiary qualifications and while our paths would take us in different directions over the years, we remained in contact, sharing the twists and turns along the way. He had more than his fair share of adversity but Sandiso leaned into challenges and overcame them with fierce, consistent determination, positivity and focus.

Sandiso was blazing a trail through his career and his goals, completing a graduate internship at Distell after roles at a couple of leading SA retail businesses. He was a loving, caring man, a deep thinker who showed very rare qualities of quiet contemplative power. He was a role model to his friends, the cornerstone and provider to his family.

Sandiso’s journey was tragically ended short in a senseless act of violence on the weekend. He leaves this place better than he entered it. The world has lost a warrior of light in Sandiso but gains the legacy he leaves behind. Rest in peace dear friend…