October 2014

Tyco Cares Day, Sponsored by Tyco and ADT was held on 16 October at Intsebenziswano Secondary School in Philippi, Cape Town.

The Cape Town team of ADT Teach –  Nqobani Nkala, Cebo Gqadushe and Sean Wilson partnered with the school to identify a wish-list of things the school needed. ADT sponsored the cost of the event and brought many volunteers to work with students, teachers and parents on the day.

The event was a huge success and resulted in 9 classrooms and the corridors being repainted and cleaned up. The school’s Feeding Scheme kitchen was tiled by a contractor, light bulbs replaced, over 60 windows had new glass panes installed, new catches fitted and doors repaired.

The success of the event came down to planning and team-work by all the volunteers who worked in teams with the students, staff and parents. ADT staff made lunch packs for everyone, which were enjoyed during a welcome break from all the work. People worked tirelessly until the job was done. The teams then stood back and admired their handiwork proudly, before celebrating together again in the hall with farewells and thank-you speeches.

A huge thank you to ADT for sponsoring the event.