The 27 of July was the second appearance for one of the SAEP Arts Programme learners at Wynberg court. The first court appearance was a follow up on a case laid by our learner’s parents regarding Statutory rape allegations being laid against a former neighbour of the family.

Proceedings got underway at about 10:00 am at Wynberg court for offences against minors.  The girl’s family came in numbers to support her, as they did on the first court appearance. It is important to mention that this was a closed court case since the girl is a minor. Unfortunately the case was again postponed to the 03rd of September 2015. The reason stated for the postponement was that the accused had requested a translator and there was not one available on the day.

The SAEP Arts programme Manager Tara Apparalju, alongside the Arts Programme Coordinator Chuma Nozewu once more attended the hearing to give much needed support to both the learner and family alike. The two above mentioned SAEP staff members have long made the commitment to see the process through to the end.

SAEP lives up to the commitment of supporting the learners and her their families.  Consistency regarding reports will continue until the case has been concluded.