Last week we took our grade 3 and 4 Siyakhathala Primary programme learners and their Learning Gym coaches on a trip to Giraffe house near Stellenbosch. Giraffe House keeps a large variety of wild indigenous animals, almost all of which the learners had never seen in real life. This was an opportunity for 101 learners to explore and learn more about the wildlife through a guided tour and animal show.

During the show the learners were asked to volunteer to go to the front to interact with animals such as the African bullfrog, lizards and snakes. One of our coaches was called to the front to very bravely interact with a big spider. The slogan “be adventurous” was chanted and resounded while the learners and coaches interacted with the animals, as some were very scared to even come close to the animals.

We all had an amazing time interacting with a 6-meter-long python. Five of our learners even volunteered to hold the snake! After the show we then proceeded to see the other animals that are kept at different sites of Giraffe House. Our learners enjoyed walking around feeding the animals. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience.