Outings give our children the experience of hands on learning in an environment away from their normal school and community surrounds. The Siyakhathala Primary programme organised an outing for the Grade 4 learners from Siyazakha Primary School to the Edith Stevens Wetlands Park – an interesting and insightful natural biodiversity area that sits in the Cape Flats. The park provides shelter and protection to rare plant species, wild birds and water birds.

This opportunity of learning and interaction took place on the 27th of March. The children were guided by their Learning Gym coaches and conservation facilitators on a tour around the park. The phrase “We are going to do a treasure hunt and the treasure is knowledge” resonated in our learners as they were immersed in an active quest to learn about the rich biodiversity of the small wetland park. The learners were split up in different groups, and while exploring the wetland they participated in an environmentally-themed treasure hunt to keep them on their toes. The children were very excited to be able to interact with each other while exploring the surroundings of the wetland park.

The informative and interactive environment channeled the learner’s enormous energy, allowing them to complete their quests with great success. It was clear to any observer that their thirst for knowledge was their prime motivation. Generally working with a noticeable group effort, all the learners were focusing on extracting as much as possible from the information panels while analyzing with passion the space around them. The largely unspoiled biodiversity offered the kids a glimpse to what the great open spaces can provide and enhanced their sensitivity to its fragility.

What an amazing day the learners had!