Our ECD programme had their first principals meeting with the 8 selected centres we will be working with.  This marked the beginning of a long relationship with the centres, as we thrive to ensure that we plough into the children’s lives at an early age. It was an event filled with great expectations from the centres side and SAEP. The enthusiasm amongst the principals was really encouraging as they showed their commitment to improve the children’s learning in their centres and ultimately in their community. SAEP director Jane Keen welcomed the principals and congratulated them on being selected for the programme.

The importance of early learning cannot be emphasised enough as it is the pivot in the children’s lives yet most of the children in our townships are exposed to ECD centres where learning and stimulation does not take place which in turn affects their overall development and inhibits them to reach their desired milestones.

The centres will be working with SAEP for the next five years and will be assisted in different areas such as centre leadership and management, child centred development focusing on the learning curriculum and improving the classroom learning environment, child health and welfare, parent and community support, infrastructure and environment sustainability. Personal development will be interwoven into the programme in order to promote self-confidence and self-worthiness of the centre staff.