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A fun part of being SAEP's Bridging Year Student are the outstanding educational excursions.

Written by : Thumeka Qupuna

Many learners finish their matric with bachelor or diploma passes but without achieving the marks required to gain admission to study at tertiary institutions for courses of choice. Some enter matric rewrite programmes to improve their marks, but still find that they are not equipped with the life skills they need to succeed in university or college. Our Bridging Year programme includes , Hikes and educational excursions.

Bark stripping is the illegal harvesting of tree bark for private use by individuals. Tree bark has been used in traditional medicines and rituals for centuries in many parts of Africa and the rest of the world as well. It is widely used in South Africa by traditional healers in medicines and potions

On Tuesday 6th September, Bridging Year students visited Newlands Forest. This was an invitation by SANPARKS. Students were taught about the educational purposes of bark stripping which is most prevalent in the Newlands section of Table Mountain National Park. SANPARKS gave a talk on what bark stripping is about and ways the park is working to act against it, after the talk, students hiked Newlands Forest.


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A multi-cohort program promoting access and better education outcomes among children and young adolescents in Philippi.

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