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Celebrating Women and Early Childhood Development


Women are the corner stone of the society often taking on the responsibility to work and earn a living to support themselves, communities and their families. Women empowerment can be done in various ways, South African Education Project has decided to introduce “ECD FOOD AND NUTRITION PROGRAM” to uplift, empower and support woman who operate ECD Centre.

South African Education Project’s ECD food and nutrition program aims to upskill participants on healthy food choices. Nutrition plays an important role in early childhood development leading to improved energy, alertness, developmental outcomes and reduced illness in their ECD centres. The nutrition learning experience centred around, balanced meal menu planning, food preparation and food safety.

The program was funded by one of our board members name Dr.Gemma Oberth and her mother, who actually fund the child headed families in our needy communities. 52 centers that do not receive any government funding. Nutritional training was done in partnership with TUC (The Unlimited Child) an organisation that SAEP has partnered with when it comes to improving the learning environment in ECDs in Philippi.

Evidence shows that Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme in developing countries can make substantial improvement on the nutrition, health, cognitive development and educational outcomes. Early Childhood Development has the potential to address broader development challenges. This training programme offering solutions to improve parenting skills, nutrition, literacy and language development while establishing reliable referral pathways to facilitate registration documentation, and grant access for infants, toddlers and children.

The beneficiaries appreciated the effort that ECD SAEP have contributed to them.


Mr Shane Everts, Head of Communications and Fundraising, South African Education Project (SAEP) 082 537 8721,

Technical Education-related queries:

Mr Donavan Fullard, Chief Executive Officer, South African Education Project (SAEP)


A multi-cohort program promoting access and better education outcomes among children and young adolescents.

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