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[HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK] Just plant it, Arbor day observed at Cape flats schools.

Written by: Thumeka Qupuna

South Africa celebrates Arbor Week from 1-7 September annually. The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) as the custodian of forestry in South Africa ,they are responsible for the campaign. The aim of Arbor Week is to promote significant importance of indigenous trees and contribute to our biodiversity .The most common way to celebrate Arbor Week is to educate and encourage people to plant indigenous trees within their communities.

September is also heritage month and as we celebrate Arbor Week, the department also focuses on the country’s champion trees which include some of the oldest, largest and culturally significant trees. These include the Sophia Town Oak Tree and the Sagole Baobab Tree in Limpopo, which are part of our heritage.

South African Education Project celebrated the day as part of its environmental calendar activities and to promoted the organization’s participation on current and relevant trends within the environmental sector. The aim was to introduce learners to the concept of Environmental Education and SAEP staff members educated the learners from Mzamomhle Educare, KwaFaku primary school and Vuyiseka high school in Philippi, Cape Town. The environmental education lesson focused on the importance of plants ,their ecological importance in their environment and learners later on planted indigenous trees at their schools as part of celebration.


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