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In loving memory of Mr Eric Nduna

How we wish that we would be with you at the end of this pandemic and carry on with the mission of developing the lives of the marginalized South Africans. As much as it is a sad moment for us but we are celebrating your life as our hero and a loyal deployee.

You were the living example of a patriot, a leader, a servant of development and you mastered the art of motivating young people to strive for success and be better citizens. SAEP’s ECD program is suffering a great loss with your sudden departure especially the beneficiaries that you helped, groomed and equipped with your trainings and workshops. How we wish that we knew that by this moment you won’t be around, we could’ve written down all the words of wisdom you shared and stored them for the generations to come. You were a great facilitator. You were always willing to share your experience with others and never declined any extra task on your plate and all that is accompanied with a smile and laughter. As much some of us were your colleagues but were also your clients in your social work experience and you gave good counselling and comfort when needed.

We will miss your smile, laughter, stories of your struggle, motivation, reprimanding, and above all your dedication and love for your work! We pray that you are in safe place resting in heaven.

Lala ngoxolo nduna-ka-ndaba, badela!!!

Board members – from SA and USA Remembered Eric and sent condolences to his family:

I’m very sad to learn of Eric’s passing. I remember his fun-loving and caring spirit well from my recent visit. Sending everyone condolences.

From all accounts this is a massive loss, both for SAEP and for Eric's family. So sorry to hear this sad news. A loss for SAEP and his family. Please keep others and yourselves safe and well.

Prudential Investment Managers’ CSI team (worked with Eric to refurbish ECD Centres):

I am very sad to hear that. We have met Eric on a few occasions and he was a lovely human being. Please extend our condolences to Eric’s family.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Such a special and lovely man, with the biggest smile. You must be heartbroken. Wishing you all strength in this hard time. He was so integral to your work.

The Department of Social Development in the Western Cape:

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you to offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends you, and your staff on the sad passing of Mr Eric Nduna.

We knew him as a kind, loving and hardworking man with a passion for his work and his community. His excellent work ethic and good disposition will be sorely missed. He was truly and asset to the ECD sector and made a huge positive impact in the field.

I remember Eric very well as he attended quite a few of our meetings. I agree that he was such a committed worker and a very gentle, kind person. He really had a passion for ECD and community work, and this came across very strongly.

On behalf of the Department of Social Development, please convey our deepest sympathies to his family and the family at SAEP. Such a huge loss!

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