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SAEP Eco-Club hikes promote physical education

On the 26th of March 2023, the South African Education Project (SAEP) in collaboration with Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) conducted a hike with an Eco-Club from Sophumelela High School at Table Mountain National Park. The Eco-Club are also part of the School Indigenous Greening Project committee that has established an indigenous garden in their school to promote the reintroduction of lost biodiversity in their communities and while also the garden is being used as an outdoor learning classroom.

While the learners enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains, the purpose of the hike was to stimulate a sense of environmental appreciation, literacy, awareness and activism from a young age as well as promote physical education and a healthy lifestyle.

“The hike was fun, and I enjoyed listening to the sound of water on the waterfall, but the learning points I’m taking home are the importance of the environment to us humans and the need to conserve our environment for the benefit of our future”. - Mahle Mthi, Sophumelela High.

The hike was led by an experienced hike leader from Mountain Club South Africa and prior to the start of the hike, the learners were taken through the basic rules of hiking and safety precautions. Along the 6km hike route, the learners were taught about the history of the area, the fynbos biome, the role of catchments and the interaction between the environment and humans.


Mr. Shane Everts, Head of Communications and Fundraising, South African Education Project (SAEP) 082 537 8721,

Technical Education-related queries: Mr. Donavan Fullard, Chief Executive Officer, South African Education Project (SAEP)

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