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SAEP exhibits at STEM Club Confestival

Written by: Thumeka Qupuna

The Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), hosted teachers at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) for the STEM Clubs Confestival, held from 27-29 January 2023.

SAEP demonstrated their Schools Indigenous Greening Project that is currently being implemented in select High Schools. The project aims to inform teachers about the importance of incorporating outdoor learning into their daily teaching schedule. SAEP demonstration incorporated three key themes, Biodiversity, Conservation, and Restoration speaking to sustainable development.

The event hosts and organizers of the STEM Confestival extended their invitation to four organisations that form part of the Environmental Education (EE) network to exhibit. South African Education Project (SAEP) leveraged the opportunity alongside Nature connect, Western Cape Leopard Trust, and Western Cape Education Department.

The Confestival engrossed on the following themes as part of the approach to 2023 prospects, including topics on Sustainability, Smart Living Waste Management, Energy and Mobility, Water Management , River rehabilitation and Wetlands ,Biodiversity , Conservation and Restoration Coastal Management and Climate and Energy.

The event was well attended by teachers, including representatives from various Primary and Secondary Schools. The WCED and CTSC joined forces to create the STEM Clubs Network in April 2022. STEM Clubs had been identified as a key extracurricular support initiative to encourage STEM participation, literacy, and career development in the Western Cape.



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Mr Donavan Fullard, Chief Executive Officer, South African Education Project (SAEP)


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