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SAEP hosts experiential learning on Marine life and Sharks

Updated: May 23

On April 20th and 21st, 2023, the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Center in Kalk Bay hosted 27 bright and enthusiastic grade 8 learners from Sophumelela High School. The foundation's expert workers provided engaging presentations that captivated the students' attention, teaching them about the wonders of the ocean and the unique species that thrive in South Africa's waters.

The program delved into the fascinating world of rocky shores, showcasing the diverse range of plants and animals present in these habitats. The children discovered how the different tide cycles affect the exposure of these creatures to sunlight. As part of the program, the learners also had the chance to interact with live animals, which offered them an interactive and immersive learning experience.

The next segment of the program focused on educating the students about sharks. The children learned about the vast and varied types of sharks and the different ways they hunt for prey. The anatomy of these sea creatures was also explored, highlighting how they differ from regular fish. A few common misconceptions about sharks were debunked, and the detrimental effect of these myths on conservation efforts was explained. The students were also made aware of the crucial role of sharks in the fragile marine ecosystem.

This eventful day out of the classroom provided an excellent opportunity for experiential learning and provided the students with a different perspective on the importance of the environment. The Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Center's program proved to be an effective tool in enhancing the learners' understanding and appreciation of marine life.

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