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SAEP reengineers ECD programme to deliver Centres of Excellence

Philippi, Cape Town - More than 140 ECD centres are set to receive direct service delivery and technical assistance support under the auspices of the South African Education Project's reengineered Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme from 2023.

Leave No Child Behind

Chapter two, section 28 of the South African Constitution (Act 108 of 1996) grants every child the right to basic nutrition, shelter, health care and social services, as well as the right to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation. The Children’s Act (Act 38 of 2005) as amended in 2010 makes provision for organisations and programmes to provide supporting information to families in order to promote the well-being of children. This is further expanded on as one of the key goals outlined in the National Integrated Policy for Early Childhood Development (NIPECD) which aims to “ensure the development and implementation of coherent, sustained, well-resourced communications, public awareness and advocacy interventions targeted at the full range stakeholders and aiming to promote changes in behaviour, attitudes and practice to realise the objectives of NIPECD”

SAEP spokesperson, Shane Everts, confirms - "The South African Education Project continues to support the Western Cape Education Department and the City of Cape Town to achieve their Early Childhood Development objectives. The purpose is to ensure that ECD centres meet the required health and safety compliance standards, and protect the rights of children to access quality programming in order to develop their full cognitive, emotional, social as well as physical potential"

[WATCH] SAEP gears up to create ECD Centres of Excellence

ECD centres often face challenges with inadequate physical structures, high staff turnover, challenging learning environment, poor nutrition, and insufficient emphasis on children’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.

SAEP ECD Programme Manager, Pumeza Mahobe, - "The kind of support we provide includes business development as well as learning programme support, capacity building and administrative support. We want them to become Centres of Excellence by the end of the year" says Mahobe.

[WATCH] ECD Principal starts 2023 with successful LOTTO award

Following a facilitated process, at least six of the SAEP-supported ECD Centres have thus far received successful award confirmation directly from the National Lottery Commission between December 2022 and January 2023.

Mother and daughter pair, Nontando Sothenjwa and Bathandwa Sothenjwa who operate One Nation Educare in Philippi East are among those who have passed the stringent LOTTO adjudication process and secured a successful award.

"Socioeconomic development, as well as enterprise development, are integral pillars of support in the re-engineered ECD programme. It forms part of our drive and vision to see ECD Centres become financially independent and sustainable in their own right as Centres of Excellence that deliver high-quality ECD services to children. We are proud to be the designated Social Service Organisation supporting those centres that have secured LOTTO funding" said Everts.

Without funding or support, many ECD centres struggle to perform ongoing maintenance or building upgrades in order to meet the minimum registration requirements outlined in Section 79 of the Children's Act. Resource constraints remain a recurring theme in the heavily regulated ECD sector as children across South Africa reported for the start of the new school year yesterday.


Mr. Shane Everts, Head of Communications and Fundraising, South African Education Project (SAEP) 082 537 8721,

Technical Education-related queries: Mr. Donavan Fullard, Chief Executive Officer, South African Education Project (SAEP)

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Jan 19, 2023

Thank you for your support SAEP. This will go a long way in helping our ECDs and boosting our skills

Jan 19, 2023
Replying to

You are welcome Dalulwazi Daycare.

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