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The story of Luntu Educare

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

In 2001 I had a dream of having a top educare centre that is well equipped and that could provide an educational foundation for children within the community. But all along I didn’t have wings to do all of that on my own.

There were times when challenges were overwhelming. When I finally told myself that I have finished everything, the fire department destroyed every dream I had of becoming a registered educare centre. They told me to remove my structure and rebuild the centre. At that point, I thought of closing the centre because I didn’t have funds to start afresh.

Some volunteers came to my centre for assistance they saw my situation it was hectic they run away they didn’t want to help any more.

When SAEP came in I felt the relief because they are the ones who lead me to my dream, they offered curriculum programmes for the children and currently, my centre receives breakfast supplies from JAM and many more. Last year SAEP partnered with the Prudential Fund Managers to assist with refurbishment. I am now confident that one day I will be registered!

Now I have a Centre that is everything I dreamed about even though it’s not yet complete but its promising I can see where it’s going.

Thank you SAEP!

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