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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Author Ntombokholo Mpondo

South African Education Project in collaboration with Nature Connect organised a series of Environmental Educational Learning camps for 2023. The first camp was held on the 3rd -5th of March 2023 at Zeekoevlei Environmental Education Centre, 35 learners and 4 educators from Kwa-Faku Primary School attended the camp. The camp was part of the school’s ongoing efforts to instill a sense of environmental education in line with their vision for registering the school as an Eco-school. Upon arrival, the learners were taken through the house rules, participated in ice breakers games and were later divided into working groups. Learners were taught about biodiversity, its interactions with the environment, and living and non-living aspects of the environment.

Furthermore, Learners were given an opportunity to walk and explore Rondevlei Nature Reserve where they participated in a field study in which they focused on different sections of specific ecosystems and the various interaction that takes place within the ecosystem.

The activities were linked to the CAPS curriculum and it will benefit the knowledge acquired during indoor classroom learning at their schools.

Learners were also taught about wetland and how a wetland work, the purpose of a wetland in the environment and how a wetland purify freshwater. “The camp was informative and we learnt a lot about biodiversity”, said Amila Karimbi. In conclusion, the amp was a great success and a valuable experience for the learners.


Mr. Shane Everts, Head of Communications and Fundraising, South African Education Project (SAEP) 082 537 8721,

Technical Education-related queries: Mr. Donavan Fullard, Chief Executive Officer, South African Education Project (SAEP)

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